Gravity — The Universal Illusion

What might occur on the off chance that you drop an apple now? Clearly, it would tumble down, isn’t that obvious? Consider the possibility that I say, indeed, it was really the ground which came up to meet the apple. Furthermore, imagine a scenario where I say there isn’t anything called gravity. Getting the feeling that I’m nuts, right? Bear with me for some time and I will clarify why I said that.

Now, think about a man who is falling from the roof of a building. He will feel weightless. This is practically close to the inclination we get when we begin moving down in an elevator. We believe we lose some weight for an instance, right? What’s more, on the off chance that we were falling from the roof of a building we would feel weightless as same as the falling man whom I referenced previously. Have you seen space travelers float inside their spaceships? They feel weightless because they are floating. In space, they are floating since they are not influenced by gravity. So as per them, we can say we should be unaffected by gravity to feel weightless. Yet, hang on. I recently said that a falling man would feel something similar. Be that as it may, he is falling plainly in light of the gravity. Now, imagine a scenario in which I say there is no any distinction between the falling man and the floating space traveler. You may not concur with me. All things considered, I realize that these two circumstances look altogether different, yet I need you to focus just on the experience of those two. The two of them feel weightless, right?

Now, envision that the space traveler is moving in a straight line at a constant speed. What might occur in the event that he flew by a colossal planet. You’d most likely say that the spaceship will be pulled into the planet in view of the gravitational force of the plant. Suppose that the space traveler was not watching out of the window and was playing a game on his mobile for the whole time. Along these lines, as he was floating inside the spaceship and as he wasn’t focusing on the outside, he would not notice that the gravity of the planet changed his way until he turned out to be so nearer to the planet and crashes. Now you might argue, well if it wasn’t for gravity then what pulled the spaceship towards the planet? Well, it was the curve of the space-time. (Disregard the time part for the occurrence and spotlight just on the space part.) Well as I said before, he was actually moving in a straight line through space, however as the space around the monstrous items like planets is curved, his way seemed curved to you who felt like he was being pulled to the planet by gravity.

Now, you may ask how a straight line would not appear to be a straight line in a curved space. Well, this isn’t just about as strange as it appears. Airplanes, for example, consistently attempt to fly the shortest route between the cities. Basically, they go in a straight line. However, since the Earth’s surface is curved, the shortest path doesn’t resemble a straight line. Now, here is another clear analogy. Imagine you and a friend are standing 1000 kilometers from one another on the equator. Presently you both set off due North. Over the long run, you will come close together and will meet each other at the North pole. In spite of the fact that you began the excursion separated from one another and began to move in a straight line, both of you ultimately bumped into each other as there was a force pushing you together. However, neither of you felt that force. So now, you would agree with me, that there wasn’t such a force yet it was a direct result of the curved surface of the Earth that both of you, at last, met one another. And, yes my friend, gravity is just like that force. It doesn’t exist. In this way, “Gravity” is a fantasy. Thus we can conclude that “Gravity” is an illusion. So now you comprehend that there is no such a force called gravity and it is entirely yet the curvature of the space. Well, all the more precisely, gravity is the curvature of the space-time.

Thus, as John Wheeler, the great physicist said,” Matter tells space-time how to curve. Space-time tells matter how to move”.


Undergraduate in University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka specialized in Computer Science and Engineering. Special interest in Physics.